Monday, 30 September 2013

'The Moment' by Claire Dyer

Award-winning poet Claire Dyer, who includes Andrew Motion among her fans, signed her new novel 'The Moment' in WH Smiths in Paddington in this morning’s busy rush hour.

Her novel, The Moment (Quercus), opens in Paddington station when two ex-lovers meet at 9am twenty five years after they broke up. They agree to meet again at the end of the end of the day, and both spend the day thinking about what could have been and what the future might hold. The book has been dubbed this year’s 'One Day' by Louise Candlish.

Release date: 12th September 2013
Published by: Quercus
ISBN No: 978 1782062837

Paddington station, 9 a.m., rush hour. As the crowds ebb and flow, time suddenly stands still for two people: Fern and Elliott, ex-lovers who parted twenty-five years before and never expected to see each other again.

But here they are, face to face, and the connection is as powerful as it was the day they first met. Their lives have moved on - to marriage, children and divorce - yet neither has stopped regretting the day that drove them apart.

Fern gives Elliott her number and they tentatively arrange to meet again that evening when both will be travelling back through the station. And, as the day ticks on, and the memories resurface, both Fern and Elliott reflect on the past. As their emotions go round in circles, so does the Paddington clock, counting down the minutes to eight p.m. - and the moment the future is in their hands.

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  1. I am now following this blog through Networked Blogs. This sounds like a great story and I have added it to my wish list.

    1. Thanks for the follow Carol, it is very much appreciated! I do hope you enjoy reading my future posts. Have a great week ahead :-)


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