Thursday, 17 October 2013

'At Somerton: Diamonds & Deceit' by Leila Rasheed

Release date: 7th January 2014
Published by: Disney Press
ISBN No: 978 1423171188

The London Season of 1913 is in full swing, and Rose has never felt more out of place. She can't help but feel like a servant dressed up in diamonds and silk. Then she meets Alexander Ross, a young Scottish duke. Rose has heard all sorts of gossip about Alexander, but he alone treats her as a friend. Rose should know better than to give her heart to a man with a reputation, but it may already be too late. Meanwhile, Ada's also feeling miserable. She should be happy - she's engaged to a handsome man who shares her political passions and has promised to support her education. So why does she feel hollow inside? She knows that without this marriage, her family will be ruined, but it seems that in matters of love, the Averley's can only follow their hearts...

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  1. Hi Calum,

    Long time, no speak. I just happened to be on Twitter, when your tweet about this post popped up, so I thought I would stop by and take a look.

    Whilst I am not sure that this is a book I would read unless it were a publisher or author request, I did find the cover art strangely alluring, so I decided to check out the author.

    It was only by chance that I spotted your tag for 'Disney Press' at the bottom of the article and that was all it took. Being the 'Disneyphile' that I am, I have just spent a few quality minutes reading all about publisher, author and book series, so thank you so much for the feature which spurred me on.

    I hope that all is well with you.


    1. Hi Yvonne,
      Yip, I'm still here blogging away and all is well thanks! ;-) It is great to hear from you again :-) Time does seem to slip past so quickly these days without one realizing.

      I actually had a bit of debate with myself prior to posted this book, as the cover and synopsis did not strike me as being of the Disney stable!! I decided to take a chance on it and am glad that this book feature has turned out positively! :-)

      Feel free to PM me at any time Yvonne and it's great to see you back in the middle of the book world fold! ;-)
      Best wishes for now.


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