Wednesday, 2 October 2013

'Ellis Island' by Kate Kerrigan

Release date: 16th January 2014
Published by: Macmillan
ISBN No: 978 1447263135

Rural Irish girl Ellie loves living in New York, working as a lady’s maid for a wealthy socialite.She tries to persuade her husband, John, to join her but he is embroiled in his affairs in Ireland, and caught up in the civil war.Nevertheless Ellie is extremely happy and fully embraces her sophisticated new life.When her father dies she must return home, but she intends to sort her affairs quickly and then return to her beloved America.
But once home her sense of duty kicks in and she decides, painfully, that she must stay to look after her mother and resume her marriage.Ellie is suddenly thrown into the simple, rural life she believed she had grown out of…

Copyright: Pan Macmillan Synopsis

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