Tuesday, 22 October 2013

'Our Beautiful, Fragile World: The Nature and Environmental Photographs of Peter Essick' by Peter Essick

Release date: 28th November 2013
Published by: Rocky Nook
ISBN No: 978 1937538347

Our Beautiful, Fragile World features a career-spanning look at the images of photojournalist Peter Essick while on assignment for National Geographic magazine. In this book, Essick showcases photographs from the most beautiful natural areas in the world and documents contemporary environmental issues, such as climate change and nuclear waste. Our Beautiful, Fragile World takes the reader on a journey around the globe, from the beautiful Oulanka National Park near the Arctic Circle in Finland to the Adelie penguin breeding grounds in Antarctica. Our Beautiful, Fragile World will interest photographers of all skill levels. It carries an important message about conservation, and the photographs provide a compelling look at our environment that will resonate with people of all ages who care about the state of the natural world.

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