Saturday, 9 November 2013

'Lavender' by Tessa Evelegh

Release date: 30th November 2013
Published by: Hermes House
ISBN No: 978 0857231000

This is a book that celebrates the beauty of lavender and its many uses - medicinal, in beauty preparations, in decorations, cooking and gifts. This is a comprehensive guide to all the different types of lavender, and how to cultivate and harvest them. it features over 50 inspirational ideas for using fresh and dried lavender throughout the home. Projects include Lavender Bottles, Harvest Display, Lavender and Sunflower Garland, Scented Napkin Rings, Lavender Oil Lamps, and Lavender Soap. You can try tempting recipes such as Fennel and Lavender Tarts, Leafy Lavender Salad, Lavender Cake or Lavender Scones. It features 300 glorious specially commissioned photographs of lavender through the seasons, in and out of the home. Lavender is one of the most beloved herbs in the garden. Its vivid shades from sun-soaked indigo to subtly tinged violet-white; its wonderfully heady and unmistakable aroma; its powers to soothe, to heal and delight all the senses - all contribute to its pre-eminent position in the herb garden. Tessa Evelegh explores the full possibilities of this prized and beloved herb within this inspirational book. Because lavender dries so well, retaining much of its vibrancy and all of its scent, it can be used all year round. Gorgeous ideas include a wire heart for the wardrobe, Shaker sachets for linen chests, a wall hanging, a lavender scrub mitt for the bath and an Elizabethan pomander. Illustrated with fabulous photographs, this stunning book is a unique evocation of one of our most beautiful plants: one that has been loved for centuries, carried and cultivated around the world, and prized for its unique properties and enchanting aromatic powers.

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