Thursday, 6 March 2014

'Different Tides' by Janet Woods

Release date: 29th May 2014
Published by: Severn House Publishers Ltd
ISBN No: 978 0727884015

1835. Clementine Morris, despite her youth and inexperience, is hired by Zachariah Fleet to care for his recently orphaned niece and nephew. He tells her he wishes the young children to have more than a governess, and her heart goes out to the grieving infants. Clementine, too, is an orphan, and all alone in the world. But little does she know that Zachariah Fleet is interested in her for more than just her usefulness as a governess. He believes she is a distant relation of his by marriage, and there is a chance she is a legatee for a useful amount of money. There are troubles ahead, though, when another young woman turns up with a claim to the inheritance . . . and troubles for Zachariah too. The self-possessed, wealthy businessman has never allowed himself to fall in love, but as he grows to trust Clementine he realises that he may be falling for her.

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