Thursday, 22 May 2014

'Adultery' by Paulo Coelho

Release date: 19th August 2014
Published by: Hutchinson
ISBN No: 978 0091958879

The thought-provoking new novel from the international bestselling author whose words change lives.
This is Linda's story.
She's lucky. She knows that.
It's what makes being unhappy even worse.
Her friends advise taking medication. But Linda wants to feel more, not less.
A meeting with a politician, and ex-boyfriend, reawakens a side of her that she - respectable wife, devoted mother and ambitious journalist - thought had disappeared. She embarks on a relationship that is addictive, dangerous and undeniably exciting. But the consequences are far-reaching . . .
Provocative and profound, ADULTERY is about discovering passion in the life you live and learning what it means to be free.

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