Tuesday, 29 July 2014

'Two Strangers' by Beryl Matthews

Release date: 27th October 2014
Published by: Severn House Publishers Ltd.
ISBN No: 978 0727884473

Poplar, London, 1920. Fourteen-year-old Victoria Keats is horrified when her father demands that she go to work for wealthy Mr Preston – everyone knows why he takes young girls into his house. But her violent father, who’s never let her forget she’s not the son he wanted, won’t listen to her concerns – and when she stands up for herself, he throws her out of their dingy little house in the slums.
Intelligent, book-loving Vicki vows to make her father regret this day; but she is all alone in the world. Despite her courage and quick wits, it seems likely she will starve – until two men, both complete strangers, provide her with no-strings-attached help.

Copyright: Barnes and Noble Synopsis

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