Monday, 18 August 2014

'Ark Storm' by Linda Davies

Release date: 19th August 2014.
Published by: Forge
ISBN No: 978 0765336736

What if you could control the weather? Worse, what if the wrong person could control the weather? The Ark Storm is coming: an atmospheric river with the potential to cause more damage to the Californian landscape than any earthquake. Meteorologist Gwen Boudain has been studying the phenomenon, and believes we are due for the big one. But she isn't the only one betting on this. Surrounded by financial schemers, terrorist cells, and a handsome journalist with a deadly secret, Gwen's knowledge in the wrong hands could be worth billions of dollars and staggering death tolls. Unsure of who to trust, Gwen must rely on her wits and bravery to survive the coming storm.

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