Saturday, 30 August 2014

'Harbour Hill' by Katie Flynn

Release date: 11th September 2014
Published by: Arrow
ISBN No: 978 0099598718

In the Norfolk town of Haisby, Harbour Hill climbs from the harbour to the cliff-top - a road of run-down grandeur, its mansions now bedsits and guest houses.
It is here that two girls take a flat in the mouse-ridden premises owned by Gilbert the Grope. Nicola tries to forget the past and learn independence, whilst Ceri meets Tom, but how can anyone love a man who laughs at everything, including her?
Harbour Hill is the compelling story of the dramatic events which change - and enrich - their lives.

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  1. Hi Calum,

    In the distant past, have read many books by both named individual authors, but have never come across mention of them being one and the same person before, or if I have, it has never really registered with me.

    I may be tempted to try this one, as it appears that Katie's writing has taken on a different style, to that which I remember of old.

    Thanks for the feature,


    1. As far as I remember Yvonne this is actually a first re-release of one of her first books! :-) Thanks for calling by and have a great weekend. It is great to hear from you again! :-)


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