Wednesday, 24 September 2014

'Agnès Sorel: Mistress of Beauty' by HRH Princess Michael of Kent

Release date: 6th November 2014
Published by: Constable
ISBN No: 978 1472119131

The Queen of Four Kingdoms is dead. Agnès Sorel, her beautiful and innocent fourteen-year-old pupil, soon catches the attention of the mourning court. As a trusted confidant of the deceased Queen Yolande, Agnès captivates all whom she meets, but none more so than the newly crowned King of France, Charles VII.
Employed as a demoiselle to his wife, Queen Marie d'Anjou, Agnès finds herself firmly ensconced in the royal court, and in the midst of her duties discovers a burgeoning passion for the King that she can no longer refuse or deny. As their relationship deepens and Agnès's influence over the King grows, she is viewed with suspicion by the court. Plagued by guilt but unable to rebuff the King's advances, Agnès is forced to choose between her love for Charles and her duty to herself.
In this extraordinary novel, Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent tells the little-known story of Agnès Sorel, the first royal mistress, and takes us into the heart of a woman who knew that the possession of knowledge proves to be the ultimate power.

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