Sunday, 28 September 2014

'The Cross of Cong: A Masterpiece of Medieval Irish Art: 1' by Griffin Murray

Release date: 10th October 2014
Published by: Irish Academic Press Ltd
ISBN No: 978 0716532743

This is the first detailed study of the Cross of Cong, one of Ireland's great national treasures. Made to enshrine a relic of Christ's Cross in the early twelfth century under the patronage of the high king Turlough O'Connor, it was one of the most important reliquaries in medieval Ireland. This book explores the political, religious, cultural and artistic background to its creation, arguing that its production was motivated as much by politics, both secular and ecclesiastical, as it was by religious devotion. In a unique exploration, Griffin Murray also examines the modern history of the Cross from the seventeenth century to today, describing its important position in the history of Irish national collections and its impact on the Gaelic Revival. With surprising and noteworthy revelations on the hidden secrets of recent x-ray examinations and new research on the origins of the Cross, this book is an indispensable study of this national treasure.

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