Sunday, 28 September 2014

'The Silk Road - China and the Karakorum Highway: A Travel Companion' by Jonathan Tucker

Release date: 18th December 2014
Published by: I.B.Tauris
ISBN No: 978 1780763569

This beautifully illustrated book is intended as background reading for travelers on one of the most popular sections of the Silk Road--the Xian to Kashgar route through China, linking with the Karakorum Highway through Northern Pakistan. The ancient trade routes between Europe and the Orient, specifically between Rome and the old Chinese capital of Xian, endured for almost two thousand years. Along with trade goods came new ideas--religions, medical knowledge, and scientific and technological innovations passed in both directions and the Silk Road became a great network of veins and arteries, carrying the life-blood of nations across the known world. "The Silk Road "is a concise, more portable version of Jonathan Tucker's acclaimed book, "The Silk Road: Art and History," acclaimed by the "Literary Review" as "a beautiful book . . . the most informative work on the subject." Replete with fascinating details of the main historical sites, works of art, accounts by ancient and modern travelers, legends, poetry and other literary references, photographs, maps and site-plans, this will be essential reading for all those interested in or planning to travel the ancient Silk Road.

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