Thursday, 16 October 2014

'Home in Seattle' by Debbie Macomber

Release date: 25th November 2014
Published by: Mira
ISBN No: 978 0778316787
Reissue Edition

Love in the Emerald City... The Playboy and the Widow She's a widow, practical and down-to-earth, living in Seattle with her two kids. He's a wealthy man who's always been attractive to women.... Diana Collins is put off by Cliff Howard's playboy reputation--but finds herself falling for him. "More" surprising, perhaps, is the fact that her daughters are crazy about him. And most surprising of all, Cliff Howard is changing his views about the kind of woman he could love. Ready-made family and all! Fallen Angel Amy Johnson is firmly anchored in Seattle, working as an executive for her father's oil company. Josh Powell is a self-described drifter, a man who's never called any place home. A man who's rejected the world of money and power... When they meet, Amy begins to question her own future. Does she "really" want to give up her long-standing--and long-hidden--desire to be part of a family, to love a man and raise a family with him? Josh, too, questions his life. Maybe it's time to stop running from his past--and to share his future with Amy.

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