Thursday, 18 December 2014

'American Quilts' by Robert Shaw

Release date:7th March 2015
Published by:Sterling
ISBN No: 978 1454913979
New edition

Sumptuous, informative and engaging, this is the ultimate book on American quilts as art. This edition contains several new quilts, created since the book's original publication. Written by one of the leading scholars in the field, it's a fascinating chronicle of the growth and evolution of an art form with a rich heritage. Not only does author Robert Shaw provide an insightful look at quilting aesthetics, he places the craft in its historical, cultural, and socioeconomic context, providing a visually lush journey through American history. This opulent volume starts with old-world traditions and goes up to the present, examining key moments that had an impact on quilting culture. More than 350 stunning images capture a rich variety of work created by people from all walks of life.

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