Sunday, 14 December 2014

'Ladies of Missalonghi' by Colleen McCullough

Release date:12th March 2015
Published by:Head of Zeus
ISBN No:978 1784082864

The Hurlingford family have ruled the small town of Byron, nestled in the Blue Mountains, for generations. Wealthy, powerful and cruel, they get what they want, every time.
Missy Wright's mother, a Hurlingford by birth, has been shunned by her family since marrying for love, not money. Now widowed, the women live a quiet existence in genteel poverty. Plain, thin and unforgivably single, it seems Missy's life is destined to be dreary.
But then a stranger arrives in town. A divorcee from Sydney. And she opens Missy's eyes to the possibility of a happy ending.
This is an endearing tale, full of wit, warmth and romance, from the bestselling author of THE THORN BIRDS.

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  1. This was originally published in 1987. Did you know that McCullough was sued for plagiarism with this book because of its similarity to the 1926 novel The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery?

    1. Hi Davina! Thanks for calling by leaving your comment, it is very much appreciated :-) I had heard of this, this but it looks like Head of Zeus is re-releasing it again in March! It will be interesting to see what happens this time around ;-) Have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year! :-)


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