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Official 'SeaRise' Blog Tour Stop and Book Giveaway Draw! (International)

It is my pleasure to act as a Tour Host for the soon to be release book SeaRISE by Sarah Holding! This is third and final part to the much loved SeaBEAN series. Alice and her friends find themselves abducted by the C-Bean, a powerful time travel device that once took Alice and her classmates anywhere or anytime they wanted.

SeaRISE is a must read for children, teens and young adults eager to learn more about climate change, ecology and the effects of mankind on our natural environment. A gripping narrative that is unafraid to tackle difficult and current issues in a way that will have young readers anxious to read on.

Release date: 27th November 2015
Published by: Medina Publishing Ltd
ISBN No: 978 1909339149

In the thrilling final part of The SeaBEAN Trilogy, Alice and her five classmates are - for reasons they have yet to discover - abducted to 2118 in the C-Bean, their time-travel device, only to find the world is a difficult and alienating place. 

How will they survive their terrifying ordeal? Who can help them figure out a way to get back to their own time? Will they escape before their captor Commander Hadron catches up with them? Who is he anyway and what's his connection to the mysterious Dr Foster? 

Unsettled by the devastation they find everywhere in the future and armed with new knowledge about the C-Bean's ultimate purpose, Alice and Co scour the planet, confronting many challenges in pursuit of answers to their questions. But can they figure out a way to restore the Earth's delicate ecological balance for good?
Copyright: Amazon Synopsis

Character Interview:
Material Supplied by Sarah Holding the author of the SeaBEAN Trilogy!

Who is Rudy Bok?

The following transcript has been sent to us. We have reason to believe it is an interrogation with a certain Commander Hadron, found in an underground cave on the island of St Kilda in Scotland. The date is not yet established, because the document appears to have been tampered with. Some scientists have carbon dated it and even suggested the document is from the future.

Who are you and where do you come from?
Name Rudy Bok. Sorry for bad Talking. Is difficult for me. Not go School much. Now sixteen, maybe fifteen. Live long time Jutland. That my home. City of Smiles. Mumma, Dadda, whole Family. We grow Rice.

Please tell us more about your background. It may help reduce your sentence.
Water came, very big Flood. No see Family after that time. Remember Granddad, he show me Books. He read. He know what Fruit taste like. I not eat Fruit ever. No Bees, no Plant grow after Flood. All dark, then Land and Sea shook, hot Sun come back. I steel Fishboat.

What do you think happened as a consequence of your actions?
Send me to Prison. On island far far way. Sky orange, many Storm come. You give me Solarsuit wear. It save me. Dark skin. One time You send Mung to Bite. I get Yellow Eye. Now scared Mung come gain. It because I try escape.

Yes, that is why you are now assigned Agent AFOS21XV
He Cyborg, I try be Good. Need Sniff. Want go in Blackbox and help with TS100.

You will have to serve the remaining 3 years of your sentence before we can even consider this, do you understand Rudy?
Yes. Understand. But not like.

This interrogation is over. Return to your duties. 

Author Sarah Holding

Sarah is a full time children's author, juggling writing with looking after a family of three children. They live in Surrey in the United Kingdom in a funny old house with a leaning tower. When she is not writing she's singing and when she is not singing she's playing sax in her jazz band. She says she knew there would always come a time when the abandoned island of St Kilda would feature somewhere in her life, little thinking it would be the setting for her first children's book!

Book Giveaway Draw!!

Thanks to Midas PR I have a set of the three books that make up this amazing trilogy to give away! The three books that make up the trilogy are SeaBEAN, Sea WAR and SeaRISE. The covers on these books are amazing as they are thermochromic! When you place the heat of your hand on the book cover, it then allows you to see clearly the picture that is hidden behind the darkened coating on the book cover!

To win this beautiful trilogy set, all you have to do is be a follower of my blog and enter the required details on the Rafflecopter form below!! Only one entry per blog follower allowed. There will be one lucky winner from this draw.This draw is open Internationally. Entry to this draw will close at midnight on Tuesday 30th December 2014.

Good Luck Everyone!


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