Friday, 5 December 2014

'The Leopards of Normandy: Devil' by David Churchill

Release date:26th February 2015
Published by: Headline
ISBN No: 978 1472219176

The fate of England hangs in the balance of a fight between brothers
The noble families of Europe are tearing themselves apart in their lust for power and wealth.
Emma, Queen of England, is in agony over the succession to her husband Canute's throne ... while the sons of her brother, the Duke of Normandy, battle in the wake of his death.
Robert, the younger son, has been cheated of Normandy's mightiest castle and sets out to take it by force. He emerges from a bloody siege victorious and in love with a beautiful - and pregnant - peasant girl.
Robert's child will be mocked as William the bastard. But we have another name for him
... Conqueror.

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