Wednesday, 17 December 2014

'Who is Mackie Spence?' by Lin Kaymer

Release date:30th January 2015
Published by:Merit Press
ISBN No:978 1440584602

Mackie Spence is different. She's not even the same person. Ask Jeremy. He's known Mackie all her life. In the last year, he's been particularly interested, as that funny little girl suddenly turned into a knockout. But now something is wrong. Jeremy didn't see much of Mackie during the long period of healing that followed her near-drowning incident, but now she's back at school, and Jeremy can't explain the change in her (he's a jock, after all, not a poet). Still, when both of them volunteer at the raptor center, he sees how huge, wounded birds calm to her touch. And that's just the beginning. When Jeremy, who's falling hard for Mackie, starts to feel protective of her, keeping an eye on her as she makes her way through the woods and coves of the small sea island where both of them grew up, he sees things he would never believe if another guy told him about them. Mackie is still Mackie, but she's also someone outside normal human experience. Who is she? Or...what is she? How can Jeremy protect Mackie from her fate? Should he even try, or is he interfering in something so big and so ancient that it doesn't even have a name? And while he may love Mackie, is he going where mere mortals are forbidden? Day by day, events build toward a conclusion so stunning it will answer all the questions, but leave Jeremy to see the world in a different way for as long as he lives.

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