Monday, 5 January 2015

'Teresa of the New World' by Sharman Apt Russell

Release date:19th March 2015 
Published by:Yucca Publishing
ISBN No:978 1631580420

From the bestselling author of "An Obsession with Butterflies" comes a magical story of America in the time of the conquistadors. In 1528, the real-life Spanish conquistador Cabeza de Vaca shipwrecked in the New World, where he lived for eight years as a slave, trader, and shaman. In this magical novel, the adventurer takes his four-year-old daughter Teresa from their home in coastal Texas to travel with him as a companion. But once Cabeza de Vaca reaches the outposts of New Spain and prepares to return overseas, politics compel him to leave the young girl behind. Her new life isthat of a servant in the kitchen of a Spanish official. Teresa grows up estranged from the magic she knew as a child, when she could speak to the earth and listen to animals. When an epidemic of measles devastates the area, sixteen-year-old Teresa sets off in pursuit of a wise woman she once met, a woman with secrets--a possible mentor. The girl befriends a warhorse, abandoned by a Spanish soldier grieving the death of his family, and a Mayan boy, a werejaguar who cannot control his shape-shifting. Because the boy and Teresa carry the measles virus, they are chased by Plague, another shape-shifter who takes on many human forms--Teresa's dead mother, the housekeeper from the Spanish kitchen, and finally Cabeza de Vaca himself. Plague tries to trick Teresa into entering northern villages to further spread the epidemic. To save herself and others, she is forced to listen to the earth again, sinking underground, swimming through limestone and fossil beds, looking for the means to outwit Plague, tame the jaguar in the Mayan boy, and find her own place in the New World.

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