Thursday, 15 January 2015

'The Distraction' by Sierra Kincade

Release date: 3rd February 2015
Published by: Headline
ISBN No:978 1472228635

Anna Rossi knows that opening your heart just gets you hurt. But Alec Flynn is impossible to resist...
Alec's been away for three long months, since he saved Anna's life and lit up her soul with unquenchable desire. In his absence, she's made some drastic life changes that have been inspired by his bravery, and she can't wait to show him the woman she's become. Plus, she's counting down the days 'til they can make up for all that lost time.
Being away from Anna has done nothing to sate Alec's need for her. But things are more dangerous than ever. He's desperate to protect Anna, but if giving her up is the only way, he can't bring himself to do that. With his past playing catch-up, this time he might not be able to save her from becoming collateral damage...

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