Friday, 6 February 2015

'The Art of Modelling Chocolate' by Nadia Flecha Guazo

Release date:29th April 2015 
Published by: ORO Editions/Goff Books
ISBN No:978 1939621214

Who has never played with clay, puzzles or games? Who has never dreamed, even while awake, of new worlds and completely fanciful characters? Who has ever, at night, been carried away by their dreams to new adventures where we are both actors and spectators of our imagination?

When we were kids, our imagination had no limits... This book is dedicated to all those who wish to return to childhood for a moment, wishing to relax, to dive into a world of fantasy and fun, creating delicious cakes for young and old alike.

In this book, the detailed step-by-step illustrations are designed to encourage anyone to try their hand at achieving similar masterpieces. And whatever their choice of design or cake, it is to be consumed irresponsibly!

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