Friday, 13 February 2015

'The Silver Kings' by Stephen Deas

Release date:18th June 2015 
Published by: Orion
ISBN No: 978 0575100619 

The Silver King, half-god, legend and myth, is returning. Once he fought his brother, the Black Moon, and his dragons, and was defeated. But the Black Moon was also weakened, and a millennia has passed. Humanity has grown used to a world without gods, a world where they were masters of all - including the terrifying dragons.
But the dragons have awakened, the hole in reality is expanding, and the shackles that kept the half-gods controlled have been broken. The Black Moon lives on in the body of Berren Crowntaker, and has taken control. With an army behind him, the dragons above and the Dragon Queen at his side, he goes to war with his brother.
The worlds are turning, and only one thing is sure - there will be an ending.

Copyright: Orion Synopsis

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