Monday, 13 April 2015

'Big Book of Ancient Egypt' by Ian McKenzie

Release date:25th May 2015 
Published by:Demand Media Limited
ISBN No:978 1910270868

In the summer of 1972, TV news featured huge crowds queuing patiently on the pavements outside the British Museum to see the Tutankhamun Exhibition. So great was the clamour to see the exhibition that it had to be extended from the planned six months to nine months to accommodate total visitors of almost 1.7 million. But the world s interest in Ancient Egypt long pre-dates the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb. Egypt's hot, dry climate has preserved almost perfectly the evidence of an ancient civilisation: the pyramids, massive stone statues and tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Most Egyptologists agree that simple antiquity is a major part of Ancient Egypt's appeal. There is a mysterious nature to anything that is thousands of years old and mystery intrigues us all. In this very accessible introduction, we'll explore those mysteries, providing details of the ancient civilisation's temples, tombs, kings and culture. And we won't forget the myths and mysteries surrounding the death of the boy king Tutankhamun, dead at the age of just 19. Did he inherit a genetic condition from his father, Akhenaten, did he die of malaria or, most intriguing of all, was he murdered?

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