Monday, 1 June 2015

'Daughter of the House' by Rosie Thomas

Release date:30th July 2015
Published by: Harper Collins
ISBN No:978 0007512058

Born in to a theatrical background, Nancy Wix is not a woman to be held back by family or class. At a young age she discovered clairvoyant abilities that would change her whole life – from a boating accident that leaves three strangers dead, to visions of the Great War to come, Nancy strives to change her fate.
When she meets an enigmatic and handsome young man, an opportunity arises to escape the life she seems destined to lead – but can she rely on a man who leads a double life, or must she look inside herself to break free?
Daughter of the House is a superb slice of early twentieth century life, from pre-war suffragette movement, through the shell-shocked suffering of post-war Britain, through the age of spiritualism, the roaring twenties and beyond.

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