Tuesday, 28 July 2015

'The King's Sisters' by Sarah Kennedy

Release date:29th September 2015 
Published by:Knox Robinson
ISBN No:978 1910282779

"London 1811. To protect the reputations of both himself and a courtesan, worldly Lord Roderick Davenant, head of a disreputable family, takes home and consigns to the care of his servants Addy, a climbing boy ( sweep s apprentice) who accidentally discovers the two in the midst of a clandestine rendezvous. Davenant's groom, Henry, discovers the orphan Addy is no ordinary climbing boy - he behaves like a gentleman, is literate, speaks fluent French, and says he lives in a castle with is grandfather. Henry is sure Addy is the victim of a jacketing concern, underworld speak for usurpation of someone from his wealth. At first skeptical of this, Davenant changes his mind when he learns Addy knows Latin. Ever the gambling man, Davenant undertakes a wager to find Addy s family in three weeks. However, from the beginning of his quest, Davenant is beset by murder and danger. Someone seems to know his every move. Why does a man in buckled shoes follow him? A peddler watch his house? A sinister duke so interested in Addy? Who is it that wants Addy dead? With the aid of a company of undesirables, Davenant's search takes him from Mayfair to London's underworld, from Liverpool to Sussex's smuggling haunts where he discovers that the answers are much closer to him than he realized."

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