Monday, 14 September 2015

'Dark Pursuit' by Jennifer Chase

Release date: 13th March 2015 
Published by: JEC Press
 Kindle Edition

‘Dark Pursuit’ is a very well written psychological crime thriller that will certainly suck the reader into this particular story right from the very start. This is the fifth book in the author’s ‘Emily Stone’ series, but it can be read alone without having to have read any of the previous titles in the series.

This book has been very aptly entitled ‘Dark Pursuit’ and it is quite a dark story that involves both child kidnapping and the murder of children, but the author does handle this sensitive subject matter in a delicate, careful and very professional manner.

The main character within this story is Emily Stone, a vigilante detective who covertly hunts down killers with the assistance of her partner. Emily Stone’s main objective, as in the other books within this particular series, is to covertly assist the law enforcement agencies in catching the perpetrator’s of serious crimes in order to help them to be able to close complex serial cases that have possibly remained unsolved and to bring the perpetrators of these crimes to Justice.

I do like this author’s writing style as she weaves a strong and very well constructed story. The author masterfully creates a very real atmosphere of intrigue and suspense as the perpetrator is pursued by Emily Stone and her partner within the story of ‘Dark Pursuit’. The author’s characters are very strong, real and believable. The reader will become attached over time to both Emily Stone and her partner and will also experience their emotions and also their very human vulnerabilities, as Emily and her partner face some very difficult and sometimes horrifying situations together.

Within this particular story the reader also gains some insight into the reasons as to why Emily Stone has dedicated her life to making sure that the perpetrators of horrific serial crimes are caught and punished by the Law enforcement agencies. It is a glimpse into Emily Stone’s past, which is enlightening for the reader.

I really enjoyed this book which I read from beginning to end almost without stopping for a break! Once started it was difficult to put this book down. I am really looking forward to reading further books in the Emily Stone Series as and when they become available.

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