Wednesday, 4 November 2015

'Faith and Beauty' by Jane Thynne

Release date: 10th March 2016 
Published by: Simon and Schuster UK
ISBN No:978 1471131943

Berlin, on the eve of war. As soldiers muster on the streets, spies circle in the shadows, and Lottie Franke, a young woman from the Faith and Beauty Society - the elite finishing school for Nazi girls - is found in a shallow grave. 

Clara Vine, Anglo-German actress and spy, has been offered the most ambitious part she has ever played. And in her more secret life, British Intelligence has recalled her to London to probe reports that the Nazis and the Soviet Union are planning to make a pact. 

Then Clara hears of Lottie's death, and is determined to discover what happened to her. But what she uncovers is something of infinite value to the Nazi regime - the object that led to Lottie's death - and now she herself is in danger. 

In a drama which traverses Berlin, Paris, Vienna and London, Clara Vine tries to keep her friends close, but finds her enemies are even closer.

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