Sunday, 8 November 2015

'Forgotten Magic' by Vicky Garlick

Release date: 20th November 2015
Published by: Wildwood Publishing
ISBN No:978-1925142211

Magic was plentiful, until those with the gift were mysteriously wiped out. Now, one woman's once dormant power has been awakened. Determined to rule, her vicious creations roam the unsuspecting land to conquer it, because she knows no one can stop her... Twin siblings, Kiræ and Tom embark on an adventure of combat training to follow in the footsteps of their guardian, Vala. Their goal is to help protect the citizens from the vicious mingual, the murderous creations of Bælana, the only known human to possess magic. As they try to juggle physical ...
training and written theory, they stumble upon a life changing secret that may provide a clue to Bælana's destruction. Meanwhile, Vala travels the land with her army and friends in order to try and defeat the ever growing mingual army and get one step closer to Bælana's lair and victory. But with citizens turning against them, her journey is far from easy and she soon finds that the mingual aren't all that they seem

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