Thursday, 3 December 2015

A Guest Post and New Book Release from the Writer and Author Robert Thorogood

I am delighted that the writer and author Robert Thorogood is visiting 'The Secret Writer Blog' today with a guest post that tells us a bit about the inspiration that was behind Detective Inspector Richard Poole, the main character from within the popular BBC drama 'Death in Paradise'.
Robert has been primarily an English screenwriter and is best known as being the creator of the very popular BBC1 Murder Mystery Series, 'Death in Paradise'. He is now also writing 'Death in Paradise' novels, with his latest book, 'The Killing of Polly Carter', the second book in this series actually being released today! Thank you Robert for visiting us here today! :-)

The inspiration behind Richard Poole by Richard Thorogood
Once Id come up with the basic idea for Death in Paradise—‘a British Copper gets posted to the Caribbean and solves murders’—I knew that I next had to come up with a worthy detective of the setting. It was a hugely thrilling idea, frankly. After all the decades Id spent reading crime fiction, I was now going to have a go at creating my very own murder mystery detective?!
I knew from the start that I wanted the TV series to be comic. And perhaps the easiest route to comedy is the fish out of water approach (where you take a character from one environment and put it in another). So, the truth is that I started to imagine what would be great about the Caribbeanthe warmth, laid back approach, the outdoors/sunshine lifestyleand tried to imagine what sort of person could be the opposite of that.
And I very quickly found myself thinking about a middle-aged white man whos uptight, antisocial and obsessed with following rules and correct procedure. And as I continued to think about who this person was, I realised that the same description could well be used to describe my all-time favourite Agatha Christie detective, Hercule Poirot. He, too, was a lifelong bachelor with an inflated self-opinion and a serious inability to wear casual clothes.
So I came up with Detective Inspector Richard Poole. (As an aside, I first named the character Detective Inspector Richard Gill, but at the last minute I had to come up with a new surname because it turned out there was a real Detective Inspector Richard Gill who was working in the Met Police!)
As for how much Im like Richard, I worry that Im a little too much like him. I certainly dont agree with his outlook on lifeof course not, hes a terrible worry-wort and misanthropebut well it is very hot in the Caribbean. And humid. And I do in fact prefer a pebble beach to a sand beachI dont like it when sand gets indoors and all over your feet and has to be swept upand I really, really worry about being eaten by a shark or stung by a jellyfish every time I go in the sea (even in the UK) Oh God, I am actually way too much like Richard. But dont tell anyone.

Book Synopsis

An original story from the creator and writer of the hit BBC One TV series, Death in Paradise, featuring on-screen favourite detective, DI Richard Poole.
Supermodel Polly Carter was famed for her looks and party-girl lifestyle. Now she's dead, apparently having thrown herself from the clifftop near her home on the island of Saint-Marie. Those who knew her say Polly would never have killed herself…and when he is called in to investigate, DI Richard Poole is inclined to agree there is more to Polly’s death than meets the eye.
Already fighting a losing battle against the intense summer heat of the Caribbean, Richard now faces fresh adversaries: a stream of alibis; a host of conflicting motives; and, worst of all, a visit from his mother. A frenzy which would surely allow a murderer to slip away unnoticed…yet Richard is certain that the guilty party is still on the island.
As his team closes in on Polly’s household, Richard becomes convinced that the model’s death was an inside job. And he's determined to prove who planned the killing of Polly Carter, and why…

Release date: 3th December 2015
Published by: MIRA
ISBN No:978 1848454156

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