Tuesday, 2 February 2016

'Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel' by Jane Costello

Release date: 24th March 2016 
Published by: Simon and Schuster UK
ISBN No:978 1471149115

Learn to dance at The Moonlight Hotel, in the most romantic place in Britain…Beginners and singles welcome. 

The Moonlight Hotel sits on the shore of England’s best-loved lake, Windermere, exuding vintage glamour. And in its ballroom weekly dance classes promise evenings filled with music, friends and fancy(ish) footwork.

When Lauren agrees to sign up, it’s because she loves the building so much; it holds the key to her most precious childhood memories and she always dreamed of dancing the night away under its roof. Even her newly single friends Cate and Emily aren't going for the men, they’re going for the fun – although a little romance wouldn't hurt …

Then comes the news that the hotel has been sold to a faceless budget chain, which has devastating plans in store. And the revelation that marks the start of a chain of events – both on and off the dance floor – that puts the strength of their friendship to the ultimate test …

Put on your dancing shoes and escape to The Moonlight Hotel with Jane Costello, in her funniest, most uplifting and drama-packed novel yet. 

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