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'Elizabeth II: Life of a Monarch' by Audible

Elizabeth II: Life of a Monarch
An Audible Originals Production
Written for audio by Ruth Cowen

On the occasion of her 90th birthday, a unique and immersive account of the Queen’s life so far – from quiet beginnings to regal prestige, key events of her reign are re-visited by one of the most celebrated Royal commentators.

A brand new, original biography of Her Majesty The QueenElizabeth II: Life of a Monarch – narrated by Jennie Bond (former BBC Royal Correspondent) – is available to download exclusively at  

On the occasion of the 90th birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II, respected royal broadcaster Jennie Bond explores the life, both public and private, of the longest reigning British monarch.  Born a minor royal, Her Majesty is now one of the most recognisable women in the world – and this new recording takes the listener through the Palace door and into her life.  Admired by many, she has reigned through a period of unprecedented change, keeping the monarchy strong and consistent despite the end of empire, public scandals and private loss.

This newly-written and exclusive history from Ruth Cowen is narrated by Jennie Bond, the BBC royal correspondent for 14 years, with actors such as BAFTA winner Tim Piggot-Smith and Olivier award-winning Lindsey Duncan voicing the roles of other key figures including the Queen’s husband Prince Phillip. 

Featuring previously unreleased interviews, as well as extracts from diaries, memories and speeches, the Audible-commissioned production also intersperses real-life audio taken from actual moments of the Queen’s reign, including the Diamond Jubilee, as well as eye-witness observations, immersing listeners even more intimately in the story of this most remarkable woman. 

Elizabeth II: Life of a Monarch has been written by Ruth Cowen whom has also written for BBC Radio 4 including In An English Pleasure Garden. She wrote and presented The Jewish Connection series on the Westminster Hour, alongside editing books, commentating for TV shows such as The Great British Bake Off and public speaking.

The renowned voice of Jennie Bond, the BBC correspondent who became famous over the world for reporting and commentating on the Queen throughout eventful years including the Windsor Castle fire, the divorce of Prince Charles and Diana and Diana’s subsequent death, takes us through this most remarkable personal journey of our longest reigning monarch.  Combining both Jennie Bond’s first-hand knowledge and Ruth Cowen’s meticulous research, the audio experience is a deeply engaging look into the Queen’s life.

Jennie Bond says: ‘’This is an honest and well-rounded portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II and The Royal Family which covers the highs and lows of her incredible reign. Since ascending to the throne at just 25, the Queen has governed over a constantly-evolving Great Britain, as well as taking on the roles of wife, mother, grand-mother and more recently, great grand-mother. This is a fascinating look at how she has managed to balance all of those roles while ruling the country. This was my first time working on an audiobook, though I do remember reading my books out loud when I was a young girl so between that and my years as a broadcast reporter, I’ve certainly had the practice! I found it challenging but thoroughly enjoyable, and it was wonderful to work with such a talented cast and crew. I hope everyone enjoys listening to it.’’

Tracey Markham, Country Manager at Audible UK, says, “We’re very excited to be exclusively releasing this brand new immersive biography of Queen Elizabeth II, an inspirational woman who is admired and respected the world over. Her remarkable life so far is beautifully narrated by one of Britain’s best loved broadcasters, Jennie Bond, on this very special occasion of Her Majesty’s 90th birthday.”

The audio-biography, only available on Audible, is split into six episodes; ranging from a quiet beginning in ‘Sheltered Childhood: 1926 – 1947’, to ‘Coronation and Commonwealth: 1952 – 1953’, and the infamous ‘Annus Horribilis: 1992comment and what followed, to ‘Rebranding the Monarchy: 1997 – 2016’.

Elizabeth II: Life of a Monarch was produced exclusively for Audible Originals by Kevin Dawson, of Whistledown Productions.

Elizabeth II: Life of a Monarch
Narrated by Jennie Bond

Cast list:
Tim Piggot-Smith (Edward VIII, Neville Chamberlain, Prince Philip, voice of the BBC)
Lindsay Duncan (Queen Mary, Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth II, both older and present day, Margaret Thatcher)
Sally Scott (young Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, Elizabeth of York, young Queen Mother)
Edward Bennett (George V, Prince Charles, John Lennon, David Hare)
Miles Richardson (Winston Churchill, Alan Lascelles, voice of the Palace, Noel Coward)

Written for audio by Ruth Cowen
Produced by Kevin Dawson

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