Tuesday, 28 February 2017

'The Shadow Queen' by Anne O'Brien

Release date: 4th May 2017
Published by: HQ
ISBN No: 978 1848455078

The untold story of Joan of Kent, the mastermind behind the reign of child-King Richard II. A tale of treachery, power-hungry families and legal subterfuges.
‘What would enhance the pattern of my life further? One word slid into my mind. A seductive word. A dangerous word, perhaps, for a woman. Power.’
From her first clandestine marriage Joan of Kent’s reputation is one of beauty, scandal and rumour.
Her royal blood makes her a desirable bride. Her ambition and passion make her a threat.
Joan knows what she has to do to survive. The games to play, the men to marry – even if one man will always have her heart.
A remarkable story of love and loyalty and of the cost of personal ambition. The story of the woman who would ultimately wield power as the mother to 10 year old King Richard II, from the shadows of the throne.

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