About Me

I suppose this is always the hardest part, the start, and telling you a bit about myself.
Where do you start and finish, being the quiet and modest type of a person that I am!

My real name is Calum and I live in the UK. I started writing when I was fairly young, but have only started to write seriously over the past number of years. I have written and had published, quite a few articles for a variety of newspapers, journals, corporate publications and corporate websites. I do a bit of copy writing now and again and I also have assisted some published authors with the editing and proof reading of new draft book manuscripts. To date I have turned down three offers from different publishers to write specialist academic books! As my full time day job is involved in the field of healthcare, reading, writing and blogging is my best way of chilling out after a hard day at 'the office'!

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. My reading interests vary from historical fiction to the classics and also poetry! In reality I would read from most genres, especially if a certain book particularly attracts my attention! Currently I am now in the process of attempting to write a few novels of my own! The rest of my life, as they might say, is history! So here I am!


These days a large number of blogs are being used by individual's to promote their own work. Within this particular blog I would like to approach things differently by not promoting myself!

I have developed this blog in an attempt to bring readers, writers and authors together from all parts of the world to one 'Virtual Place', in order to review and promote the many diferent types of books and other literary material that is being generated today, or that has been written in the past.

You will find book reviews, author interviews, news items, videos and other articles regularly posted to this site. Also, feel free to post comments to the various posts that you will find on this site (you will have to join as a 'Follower' of the site to do this). The number of posts here will increase, as the site is developed further. I will always have read from cover to cover, every book, that I have posted a specific review for.

If you like this blog and the idea behind it, please join as a 'Follower' by clicking on the 'Follow' button which can be found on the left hand side of this web page. The more 'Followers' that join this site, the better it will be. I would love this blog to eventually become a fairly large interactive place, where followers can talk and chat about books and articles together.

Also look out for 'free book' giveaways that will appear here from time to time.

I also need to note here that any comments to my blog posts that contain a private or commercial web link will be immediately deleted.


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